Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's been a while

Sorry for the delay in post, life has been crazy!

Since my last entry, it's been a crazy week! We got out apt set up (the 31st) to meet with our country case worker to get on the autism waver, apply for SSI and answer any other questions we might have. We originally thought that our follow up apt with Dr. Steffen was on the 16th at 3:00, when we arrived at 2:45 we were informed that our apt was actually at 2:00. Boy did I feel stupid. I really can't stress enough how AMAZING Dr. Steffen is. She is, the kindest, most professional, most hands on Dr. I have ever encountered.

On the 16th, she came out and talked to Erik and I for a little bit and then went to play with Andrew. She gave us some (more) packets to fill out and then escorted us up to the appointment desk and asked us what time, THE NEXT DAY, would work for us. We got an apt for 12:15 on the 17th!  Unfortunately Erik couldn't get off of work early again, so I had to go alone.

Have I mentioned how FANTASTIC she is with Andrew?  Anyways, We got back to her office and Andrew ran to the toys and I sat down to talk with the Dr. We had *MORE* paperwork to fill out, so she asked questions, I answered. After about a 1/2 an hour of that she asked if  Andrew's made progress since we first started this journey, at 22 months. I answered honestly and heart brakingly, No, he really hasn't. She said that, while he might not have met the criteria for Autism at 22 months, he meets the criteria for Autism now. She originally thought that she was going to lable him PDD-NOS, but now she is thinking just Autism disorder. She said that she sees a lot of potential in Andrew because he is not totally in his own world. He is cuddly, loving and he is attempting to talk and wants to please us.

We will get the final report in the mail in a couple of weeks.

Life is just going to get busier. Just in the nest 3 months we will be wrapping up Birth to 3, starting school, meeting with county workers, interviewing Autism companies and eventually getting started with Autism therapy.

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