Monday, September 3, 2012

I suppose I should update

Haha Sorry I suck at this blogging thing! I feel like a lot  has gone on since I last updated :)

A couple of days ago we met with Claudia, she will be our case worker. She came to our house and walked us through all of the processes of applying for everything.  It was nice that Erik got to go in to work later so he could actually be there!  We started all of the paper work for SSI and will have a face to face interview on 9/18. I have to say, while SSI is a FANTASTIC program it is a pain in the ASS to apply for. I called Dr's office after Dr's office because we needed dates for all of this appointments in the last YEAR. In the last year Andrew has been to his Pediatrician 3 times, once for some sort of sickness and the other 2 for developmental checks. He has had an EEG, we've been to Brookfield twice (the Lilly center) and we have seen Dr Steffen twice. He has also been to an audiologist twice, because the fist time we went he failed his hearing test. YIKES. SO after I call and get all of this information, I get to this last page and they ask for his Medical ID number on our insurance card, so they can, get this, Get all of his medical records!!! What a waist of time! lol

Well anyways that is all done with for now. We will hear back from Claudia in a couple of days after she has gotten the chance to do what ever it is that she was needing to do.

Andrew's life is going to be getting a little hectic because now Daddy is off of work and in school full time so he will be home with Andrew A LOT more that Mommy. :( :( :( He has a great daddy, but I am positive they will get in to a ton of trouble. :)

Other than that  life is good :) Time to go put the little man to sleep!

Have a good night folks,

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