Sunday, August 12, 2012

Get some support!

I will be attend my first Autism parents support group tonight. I am curious to see how it goes, How other people handled their situation when they were in the same spot as Andrew, Erik and I. I'm not sure, but I feel very nervous, Kinda silly if you think about it. All these parents are most likely a head of us in this journey. I'm sure it will be helpful.

This also makes me thankful of how much support my and Erik's family provides us. My Mom, sister, grandma, Dad, step mom, step siblings, Erik's Parents, grandparents, and brother, a long list of others who love Andrew, Erik and my self regardless. No questions asked.

I would suggest getting some support, if you haven't already from anyone. Friends, family, a community support group.

Here is a list of websites that can provide and on line community. Some times it helps, being anonymous.

This is a program specifically for parents in Wisconsin.

Just remember folks, Normal is just a dryer setting!
-Shauna <3

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