Monday, August 6, 2012

Great weekend!

It was a good weekend! Erik and I went to a wedding down in Milwaukee, While Bug got to spend the weekend with Granny, Tay-Tay,  MY Granny and Desi J. Of course he was fantasticly well behaved for them <3  Little stinker.

When Andrew was a baby, He was kind of scared Desi. She is a fast paced, hyper, tiny little thing Andrew goes up to her shoulder and she is 7! I think that when Andrew was a baby it was just too much for him. NOW that is he is almost 3, and off the walls himself, he LOVES her. She is the only child that he really plays and interacts with. He follows her around, copy-cats her, and just loves her to pieces. So he had a lot of fun :)

While Erik and I enjoyed our time away, we were exhausted! We left the reception at about 10:30 and we were both asleep by 11! Didn't wake up until past 9 the next morning. I have to say it was AMAZING. I don't think I have slept thought the night since before I was pregnant! lol We checked out of the hotel early so we could get back to Andrew because we really missed him. It was my 5th and Erik's 4th night away from him since he's been born!

After we got home, we just enjoyed some family time. It is truly our favorite part of every day. Erik and I truly and wholeheartedly enjoy our time with Andrew and love every minuet of it. Of course there are ups and downs, but every snuggle and every laugh makes everything worth it. <3

P.S. Granny is my Mom, Tay-tay is my Sister Taylor, My granny is Andrew's great grandma and my moms mom and Desi is my God-Daughter :)

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