Sunday, February 24, 2013

Andrew is having

a baby SISTER!

We are very excited :) Girls do now show up often in my husbands family.

Andrew will come up to my belly and say "sissy" and "baby" and when the babies at day care start to cry, he says "dat ok baby, dat ok" Haha He is adorable

I know last time a wrote Andrew was having a very hard time transitioning to school and day care, but now he is just doing FANTASTIC! The only thing we can think of that changed is when we drop off we leave right away, so he doesn't get the idea that we are going to be staying! I am  just SO proud of him and the progress he is making every day!

Coming up April 27th, we will be participating in our areas Walk for Autism under the team name "Just Keep Swimming" Many reasons behind the name, but mainly Andrew is obsessed with " Finding Nemo" and can literatly quote the whole movie. He and Erik are SO cute to watch together when they play "memo"

I just love my boys and I can not wait to add our princess!

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