Saturday, August 31, 2013

LONG time no update

It has been such a long time since I've updated everyone on my bug man!

Well, he is doing GREAT! Better than we could ever have hoped for, especially since we've welcomed Ms. Emmalyn Kate, or as Andrew calls her Emmababy :) at the end of June. His adjustment to her has been amazing. Sure there are moments of jealousy, but he is SO good and loving to her, it makes my heart melt! <3

Over the summer he has just taken off! He is learning he has a place in social situations, He is making friends ( and oh how this makes my heart happy) He is doing simple math, reading sight words, and spelling. This child, who was once NON VERBAL is TALKING IN SENTENCES!!! Asking for things unprompted and turning in to an almost 4(!!!) year old.

We still have meltdowns, Andrew and my self. We still have our hard day and He still isn't potty trained, but it will all come. Though out this whole journey we have learned to take things day by day, and second by second even.

Most days now I am not scared to look in to the future, Sure some days I think he is going to be 15 and still in diapers while all of the other kids his age are getting ready to get their learners permit, but most days I am *excited* for what the future brings

I love this little booger more than words can express. He is a good kid and I am one LUCKY Mama.

One very lucky Mama indeed.

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