Wednesday, November 28, 2012

He is autistic right?

No, He is Andrew. He just so happens to have Autism thank you very much!!! - Sorry, that really irks us.

In other new, the last couple of days Andrew has been saying his ABC's backwards. Yes from Z to A, with ease. It's awesome.

I still can't believe he is 3!!!

Today I asked him what is in my belly and he SAID BABY!!! Now, he probably has no clue what that means, but he still said it!

School for him is going very well! Today when I picked him up the Autism specialist was there and she said that she is very impressed by him, but is still concerned with him language. He KNOWS how to talk and knows that he has to to get what he wants or get his needs met, but lacks severe motivation beyond that. She said that they are going to get in contact with Ms. (Soon to be MRS!) Stephanie and see what they can come up with

My kid is lucky to have such an amazing team of people who love him and want for him to have the easiest life possible

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