Friday, November 23, 2012

Big BIG news :)

Our little family

How we told our families  
Needless to say Erik and I are VERY Excited. Baby #2 in officially on its way! Andrew will be a big brother coming late June/early July 2013!!! Andrew, at this point isn't really aware of anything. Our main goal with him is to get him to stop kicking his feet on my stomach ( something he has does for sensory)

Since this is a blog about Autism, I will say this It is currently in the back of our minds with this one. If it happens it happens, nothing we can do to stop it. I am not going to waist, what will probably be my last pregnancy, worrying about it. I am going to cherish every flutter, and kick and rib punch. We know the steps to take if something pops up, so I think we are good :) :) :)

I will be 9 weeks on Sunday (11/25) We have seen a strong heart beat, I've hired a doula and my OB is FANTASTIC.  Baring complications I will NOT be induced again and so far I am not really sick. I've had a couple of days where I've puked and I do get puky if I don't eat, but so far so good.

I will throw in some updates about the pregnancy as things go along, but this will still mostly be a blog about Autism

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we did!!!

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