Monday, July 30, 2012

September until now

Our Apt. at the Lily Center: We went back in to this room, with a table and some toys. Sara, the woman who was 'testing' him asked us some questions about his development, why we were thinking Autism and then observed him playing with toys. She told us based on his current age (22 months) he was too young for a diagnosis. She told us that there are a lot of red flags, but she wants us to come back in 6 months. From there we had his hearing tested and started with Early Intervention / Birth to 3.

Andrew eventually passed his hearing test and then we started our testing for Birth to 3.

I need to start this by saying that our Early Intervention team is AMAZING! They are caring, supportive and they LOVE my bug (Let's be honest,  have you seen my child? He is pretty Loveable)
Adorable Child!
To qualify for EI your child has to have a 25% delay and one area or multiple areas. Andrew qualified for speech and OT services. He was testing at 15 months for expressive speech and 17 months for receptive. He receives Speech 1x a week and OT every other week.

In June of 2012 Our speech pathologist Kristin, Service Coordination Lyn, and Occupational Therapist Sue came to us and told us that while Andrew was making a little progress, it is not where they hoped he would be. That with him going to be aging out of Birth to 3, They were /strongly/ ugring us to seek a second opinion because the people at the Lily Center were giving us the run around. Sue said that his SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) was getting worse and Kristin said that he really isn't making progress with his speech despite us working with him.

ANYWAYS! We then made an apt. with Dr. Linda Steffen at the Behavior Health Clinic. Per EI's recommendation.

We go to that Apt this Wednesday. Aug. 1st 2012.

I know an official diagnosis is coming. I have know for a long time. But still, to hear the words. "Your child is Autistic"  is going to be like a stab in the heart. I KNOW it's not a death sentence, I KNOW that he can still lead a productive life, I've seen if first hand! I KNOW that is he still going to be the same Andrew that I love, adore and wake up for every day. On Aug.1st he will be the same kid that he was on July 31st. A diagnosis and becoming one of the  1:88 children that are diagnosed with ASD ( 1:54 boys) in this country,  All of that is NOT going to change my son.

He is MORE than a statistic. He is Andrew, and THAT is all I will ever ask him to be.

A little boy, who LOVE animals

A little boy who is beautiful.

A little boy who LOVES Thomas and sleeping in laundry baskets :)

A little boy who loves to swing

A little boy who loves to line toys up

But most importantly, He is a little boy who is LOVED 

All of this is what defines Andrew. Not Autism


  1. Found your blog on BBC! I cant wait to read more entries! I hope his appointment goes well on the first!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful boy. You are a great mom as well.

  3. What a beautiful, touching post. Your son reminds me so much of my own (especially the Thomas pics LOL). You are a lovely mom!

  4. Thank you everyone :) I try really hared to stay positive, but I have to say that to day has been pretty difficult.

    It is what it is right?