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Andrew's Birth story

I have told you guys in a previous post that my pregnancy, labor, and delivery of Andrew was not an easy one. Here is the story: This is a long and somewhat descriptive post. So there is your warning!

I found out I was pregnant on March 13th, 2009,  It was a Friday the 13th actually.  I already knew I was pregnant before the test came back positive. Long story short, Andrew is a DOUBLE birth control failure baby.  I started getting sick, I kid you not, the next day. Little did I know that was only the beginning. I threw up for 27 weeks. I lost 20lbs and almost got my self hospitalized because I was so dehydrated. I ended up with something called Hyperemesis gravidarum. I had never been so sick in my entire life. It was all I could do to get out up bed in the morning, If I left my apartment and then came home, the smell of my apartment made me puke. It was that bad.

When I was 25 weeks, one of the kiddos I worked with at the time, kicked me in the stomach. My OB had me come in, even tho she wasn't there she wanted me to see the on-call Dr. I get there they take my blood pressure and it was 160/100. At first they thought it was just because I was nervous. They put me on the Non-stress test machine, and left me alone to relax. While I was relaxing, my OB's nurse just happened to stop in. When she found out I was there, she came in and explained what was happening. I had protein in my urine and elevated blood pressure. They put me on weekend bed rest and told me to come back in on Monday when my regular Dr. would be back.

At 26 weeks, I was diagnosed with Pre-Eclampsia, and put on modified best rest. I was told that I can shower, go to the store if I HAD to, but to lay low. After 5 weeks of that I was put on strict bed rest and began to have BPP's ( a fancy ultra sound  ) every other week and Non-stress tests every week. On the plus side I got LOTS of ultra sound pictures :)
Baby feet

Baby face

Baby hands


Around 33 weeks they noticed I had WAY more amniotic fluid than I should have had, and I was monitored even closer... I was seriously GINORMOUS!

This was at 37 weeks, when I was induced. You can see how huge my belly is and how swollen my face was

 On 11/3 at 6:00 P.M. I went in for my induction. I REALLY did not want to be induced, But my blood pressure was out of control. It was getting in to the 200's, I could not get rid of the head aches, and it was starting to affect my liver function. My body was not ready to have that baby. I was only 1cm dilated and I was not effaced at all. My Dr started my induction with Cyetoteck that evening and I was on it all night. I woke up the next morning (11/4) 2cm dilated, and then they started shitocin...I mean Pitocin. Soon enough they were upping the dosage every 20 minuets until I got in to a contraction pattern. An induction meant that I could not labor in the water, They needed me on the heart rate monitors 100% of the time. I needed to walk or move to get through contractions. They put me on a portable monitor so I could walk the halls with Erik.  Because I had SO much fluid Andrew kept falling off the stupid machine and pissing off the OB nurse. She told me I was restricted to bed so they could keep an eye on him, EVEN THO HIS HEART RATE WAS FINE! Around 10:00 that night My OB came in and broke my water. Things picked up right away. She told me that I was STILL at 2cm and that if I didn't make any more progress by 3 AM, they were going to do a c-section. 3AM came and the nurse checked me. THANK GOD! I was at 3cm. NO c-section! At this point I have been in labor for 33 hours. Up for way longer. I was exhausted. The nurse suggested that I got an epidural. I said no, but that I would take some other form of pain relief. They gave me a shot of something and I passed out for about an hour. I woke up to crazy contractions one right on top of the other. The nurse suggested again that I get the epi, and at this point I agreed. Soon enough I hear the nurse talking to the anesthesiologist. She said that I would probably end up with a c-section, so she talked me in to one... The dude came in, gave me the epi and I fell asleep again. 5 am I fell asleep. I work up at 8, to a new nurse. Her name was Maria, and she was amazing. She cheked me and told me that I was 8 1/2 cm. She no sooner to the garbage to throw her gloves away and I told her I NEEDED her to check me again, I reallllly needed to push. She checks me again and told me I was 10, To start giving 'practice' pushes. As soon as I was done with the first one, she told me that I NEEDED to stop, that it was her first day back from maternity leave and she wasn't particularly keen on the idea of catching Andrew lol. She put a call in to my Dr, who was at the other hospital she practices at, told her that I was ready to go. my dr told her to have me give practice pushes because I was a first time mom. Maria stepped in to the hall and I am not sure what was said. But she came in and told me that the Dr was going to see a few more pregnant ladies and then she would head over, just to let me labor him down. It was around 10 by this time and Maria checked me again, She hadn't really left my side this entire time. She said that she was going to call Dr. P again. Maria but have made it to be pretty urgent because my Mom, who was waiting in the hall told me that the Dr was literally running down the hall to get to my room when she got there. She got in my room, 3 pushes later at 11:05 AM Andrew Marshall Robinson was born earth side.

Now, in case you thought my birth story was boring, here is where it gets REALLY exciting! :::WARNING::: THIS IS DISGUSTING!  While Andrew was in utero he had passed miconioum. AKA He pooped. When he was born he inhaled some and got what is called miconioum aspiration. The NICU team was in the room working on getting him breathing. He was grey, limp and completely lifeless. It was single handedly THE scariest moment in my life. While all of that was happening, I wasn't concentrated on my self until I started to feel really dizzy. I looked down to see my Dr pulling handfuls of blood out of me. I was hemorrhaging. Some point during all of this they got Andrew breathing and they gave him to me.  I was shaking so bad that I gave him straight to Erik.
I lost over 2 liters of blood. They gave me some medication and I eventually stopped I was told that if I lost any more I would have had to have a transfusion. Andrew and I did get to go home 3 days later

So there it is. To sum it up 41 hours of labor, 3 pushes, a grey baby and a hemorrhaging mama.

P.S. I am not going to re- read this, so sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes.

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