Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time for an Andrew update!

Again, It's been a while since I've updated. Sorry about that, but here we are in our life now.

On October 1st. We had Andrew's first IEP ( IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan) and he will offically start school on either October 31st or on his Birthday, November 5th ( I CAN NOT BELIEVE MY BABY IS GOING TO BE 3!) Any ways, They have a VERY bright out look for Andrew. They found though their eval that he is very driven by praise, He can count and identify numbers up to 20, Identify upper and lower case letters, spell his name and is just a cutie :) We had teachers fighting over having him in their class.

While overall it was an overall good experience, still it is hard to have to sit and hear the reasons you child qualifies for a special education class. I did break down and cry. I cried because I just HATE focusing on what he can't do. At home and at pre-school with Ms. Stephanie, we use his strengths to help him in areas that he is lacking. I understand that we have to reiterate what he can and can't do so we can get him the help he needs, but still it gets WAY old. We are going to have to continue to do it when we interview Autism company, which is going to be a task in and of it's self.

While we would really love to go though my company for Andrew's services, that would mean I would have to quit my job. With Erik in full time school and not working right now, I don't know if that would be quite feasible, but then again we will see where we are in 15 months. We are lucky that there are a lot of great options in our area for services.

Erik and I have been talking about how recently Andrew has just broken though this wall. His language is becoming more articulate and clear, He's trying to string words together and it's like he is FINALLY understanding that words get him what he wants! That in and of it's self can be a little trying. When he first started talking any time he used verbals for anything we gave it to him, now he is learning that is not always the case. Sometimes, I know for my self personally, I have to take a step back and realize that he is going to be 3 and that not every fit his has is because he is on the spectrum.

Right now we, as a family, are in a great place. Andrew is fantastic and we can not wait for our future! :) :) :)

Anyways, as I almost always leave you, here are a few pictures and a video if I can get it to upload!

Andrew looks a LOT like his Uncle Robby

Enjoying Little Farmer with School

First time really eating a popsicle, He ate the whole thing too

He's wearing Mommy's sun galsses :)

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^ I really hope that works.

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  1. I can so relate to the IEP breakdown. I broke down with ours as well. It's just so hard to sit and listen to it. HUGS! Glad preschool is going well for him!